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Visual support aimed at clarifying which are the activities that are going to happen or that have to be done in different environments (work table, playground etc.), facilitating the predictability for students with autism. It was developed by the CPEE_Latores within the CREEME Project (Resource Center for Special Education and other Specific Measures). This project consisted in the conversion of the specific center into a resource center for the ordinary reference schools of the students with autism enrolled in combined education.

This visual support, in particular, is used in the environment of the ordinary classroom of the student body to which it was addressed and put into practice with the help of an itinerant teacher from the specific school who traveled to the ordinary center in advisory work.

Special support for extraordinary activities

Provide a scifi and individualized support so that a student can make a trip with overnight as well as the rest of his classmates.

An individualized support will be in charge of tutoring the activity and helping the student with ASD to adapt with the other classmates before an outing / excursion outside the center and a known and daily situation.

We know that students with ASD, one of their greatest difficulties reşide in adapting to new activities, environments and unfamiliar situations, hence this personal support can help you manage, channel and integrate with their peers in new situations and spaces.

The results obtained from this activity are extremely positive, since without such support, he could not have enjoyed this activity due to his difficulties adapting to new environments.

The assessment of the family and the well-being of the student once the activity concludes reinforces our idea of ​​continuing to accompany the students to guarantee success in the face of extraordinary activities.

directed recess with peer participation

Given the difficulties of people with ASD in terms of social-communication skills, mental inflexibility, recess becomes the time of the school day in which they can highlight their difficulties, especially the lack of structure that this context usually has and how complex the understanding of social interactions is.

That is why the classrooms that have participated throughout the course sharing the recess with the students of ordinary school, realizing regulated and structured games where our students can participate with the rest of the students of the center. Highlight objectives such as establishing guidelines for professionals of the center, collect information from tutors belonging to each student, structuring the environment (visual supports, furniture layout, materials ...), meet the individual demands of each student at both communicative and social level are some of the objectives set for the development of the activity.

RESULTS: These have been very positive at all levels since the students of these classrooms have participated in a multitude of structured games with different students. Also the information collected by the other center is positive because it provides them with information and knowledge of the methodology we carry out with the students.

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