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community cafe

Transferring self-help skill to the wider community

The children are taken out every Wednesday to visit a local café where they can learn how to order and pay for food.

Good practices (G.P) 1 & 2 were when the children were encouraged to walk by themselves in a careful controlled manner on streets where it was safe to do so (1) and shown how to cross the road safely.

G.P .3 -was seen in the close relationship the school had built up with a local café, allowing this trip to go smoothly.

G.P. 4 - the school made a specialised menu using symbols recognised and used by the children to help them make the link to a general menu outside school.

G.P. 5 – the children had either PECS folders or iPads with their communication symbols with them so they could relay their needs at any given time.

G.P. 6- The children were able to spend some time in a local play park which encouraged gross motor and social skills and was lots of fun.

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