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Developing social life skills in autistic children

To provide social acceptance among the friends of the learners, to improve their communication and friendship relations with their peers

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Social communication
Students age range:
Curriculum area:
Physical education
Year period:
All year long
Step by step description, including actions to be developed for preparation and implementation:
1.Determine the communication and repetitive behaviors of the child 2.Determine the communication and repetitive behaviors of the child 3.Determine the communication status of the child with the family 4.Class teacher will inform the students in their class about Special Needs Children, 5 will work to ensure that the student is active. 6.The positive behaviors of the student will be rewarded.7.8.9.The student will improve their relations with their friends by providing acceptance by their friends.The student will participate in all social events in the school and class.XNUMX.Students will be modeled during the activity. together with the students, will tell the students that we will play the game of selling honey. We will explain the rules of the game, determine a midwife with the Court, the hand holds the hand to form the ring. Mehmet does not take direction, he does not hold hands, teacher asks Mehmet to hold his hand, Mehmet does not care, Teacher keeps Mehmet's hand and keeps his other hand as a friend. Teacher Mehmet 'I am happy to create you a friend .. Teacher Created from the circle from the chalk circle to draw each student circle. Everyone tells them to crouch in their own circle, and they are given squats. The teacher says that everybody will stay in their own room for the students. By taking the handkerchief of the midwife and selling the oil behind the ring, the honey will be laid behind one of the students of the handkerchief. The student who sees behind the handmade will run from behind the eben to touch the ebeye mendille. .. Teacher tells Mehmet to crouch, student comes out of the ring, Teacher shows as model, student does not take care of. Teacher crouches on the circle by holding the hand of the learner. Teacher wonders that you are behind the one of the wreath student, student wipes catches the ebey. the student, after a few rounds, walks behind Mehmet's handkerchief. Mehmet does not notice, his friends always take a handkerchief with a handkerchief called Mehmet, the student does not react, look around. Teacher, Mehmet said to take. The student starts to wait for the handkerchief, the teacher becomes a model. He throws it at the back of one of the handsome learners, gives it to the handkerchief Mehmet and leaves it behind his handkerchiefs. He puts his handkerchief behind his friend and waits. Teacher Mehmet says to you. sit down and yell, sit down quickly, Mehmet sits back a little from the ring.
Resources to be used, including human resources, materials and spaces:
3 must be teachers, wipes, whistles, chalk, etc. Materials will be used. The school garden will be used as an area. A non-crowded school garden
Difficulties found while implementing it:
Since the school garden is crowded, I could not follow the student and he disappeared from the eye. He left his student friends and ran away from the game group and went to the bank. Because he is overweight, he may fall while running or normal students may trip, the ball thrown by other students may harm the student, The school grounds are crowded. The activity must be done in the gym. The students may mock their friends when they do not want to participate in the activity. When the students do repetitive behaviors,
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