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Developing an educational environment for the autistic students and creating a sensory integration room

To create a sensory integration class for our autistic students who have difficulties in organizing, understanding and interpreting sensory information, organizing the Autism Children's Education Center (ACEM) within our school in a way that best suits the needs of our students.

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Included in school/society, Pupil well-being, Independent/life skills, Social communication
Students age range:
7, 14
Curriculum area:
Not related
Year period:
All year long
Step by step description, including actions to be developed for preparation and implementation:
PLANNING • We decided to make the most suitable environment for our students by meeting for the first time in the educational environment. In accordance with this, we will close the corridor, the floor of our corridors and classrooms will be covered with tatami, our classrooms will be equipped with suitable material cabinets, student orders will be renewed teacher tables and cabinets, kermes will be made on our behalf on behalf of our department and necessary education materials will be acquired. awareness week will be arranged in kermes. • We will announce our project through social media and try to reach volunteer donors. • We will be connected to universities. • Meeting with Ereğli municipality for floor covering. • Ereğli District Social Assistance Directorate will be contacted for the closure of the river. APPLICATION  Ereğli District Office has made a PVC door for the closing of the corridor.  Ereğli Municipality took the floor and the floor as a floor covering of our corridors and classes.  The families we connected to in Istanbul were placed in the 2 team robustly drawn beans, which were suitable for autistic students for each of our students by Şaziye Birinci and his wife.  We are also pleased to offer you the opportunity to make your senses with the coin collecting money by our coin collecting money in the step by step from the Scorpion First, 18 community ball pool, sand pool, gymnastic cushions, 1000 pieces colorful place cradle, wall mountable basket pot and ball, Jumbo size bowling game, trampoline, 10-arm-ring game, 5 pieces of scooter.  Istanbul City University childrenXCHARXs development department students sent 3 pieces of training material they made within the course of material designing lessons.  We have made necessary material cabinets for our classes with some of the amount of kemesten earned we made in our school.  Our horses were swinging horses, swinging swings and climbing walls for our sensory integration class with some of the amount of money we made in our school.
Resources to be used, including human resources, materials and spaces:
A coordinator for the coordination of the event will benefit from a responsible administrator, special education teachers, student parents and philanthropic citizens. The activity area is the classroom and corridor for your school's special education. The material is ball pool, swing swing, equilibrium track, climbing wall, tatami mattress, and various training materials.
Difficulties found while implementing it:
Failure to find material resources on hardware furnishings when the application is planned will be a major problem. Transfers of the same kind of benefits that the helpers will have to our school will also be another problem. Equipping the corridor area with colorful and amusing materials and toys may cause the student not to enter the class again.
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