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Objective: Advise professionals of specific classrooms on organizational strategies.

Addressed to: UECYL professionals of new creation and new professionals who join to work at UECYL.

Temporaryization: 1 tomorrow of the school day.

The professionals of the UECYL of the Mare Nostrum School have as a work philosophy to share our experience with other professionals who contact us to advise on the organizational strategies of the UECYL. For this, we favor that the interested persons spend a morning of work in our center and are impregnated in situ of the activities that we carry out.

Among the activities we show are:

ACTIVITY 1: Reception by a UECYL teacher and a member of the management team, where we briefly have the background and consequences of having a UECYL in the center.

ACTIVITY 2: Visit to the UECYL, where the other UECYL teacher develops a work session with the students.

ACTIVITY 3: Visit to the patio and the school dining room, where the person in charge explains how this non-school time is organized.

ACTIVITY 4: The visit returns to the TEA class to see material prepared with visual and other interesting format such as curricular adaptations, schedules, information records, etc. A UECYL teacher responds to the questions posed by the people who visit us.

In conclusion we emphasize that:

  • The teachers who visit the center value each of the activities carried out in a positive way.
  • Increase in relations with other UECYL professionals.
  • The visit helps us to exchange experiences with other professionals who are looking for the same goal that we, the educational inclusion of students with ASD

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3, 12
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Not related
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Any moment
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