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implementation of visual supports with social norms to minimize dependence on the professional

The presence of the professional in the reference classroom to help the student with autism to fully adapt both curricular and social level, can sometimes lead to an effect contrary to what we want. Once the student knows the dynamics of the reference classroom, his colleagues and different professionals, it is important to gradually normalize the professional's withdrawal. With this we will achieve that the student with autism is one more in the classroom, without depending on a professional that accompanies him at all times.

As we know that one of the biggest difficulties of our students lies in the problems when relating to their peers, once the reference professional is retiring, there may be situations that make us turn back in the integration of the student. To do this, we began to substitute this presence with permanent visual support at the students' table where you can see them as many times as you need and thus manage both your interventions in the classroom and with your classmates. In this way and in a less invasive way for the student will be present so many times need strategies, social norms and different visual supports that normalize their presence in the classroom, since the maximum purpose is the withdrawal of the professional.

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Included in school/society, Pupil well-being, Social communication
Students age range:
6, 16
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Not related
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Any moment
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elaboration of visual supports
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